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Dr. Frederick Kayanja

Gulu University, Uganda

Dr. Kayanja is doubly qualified in Veterinary and Human Medicine. He holds a Masters, PhD, and DSc., and his research interests range from mammalian reproduction, the vascular role in osteogenesis, zoonotic diseases, ecology, and the environment. He has written three books and has published over 100 scientific papers.

In addition to being a Ugandan physician and academic, Dr. Kayanja has been the chancellor of Gulu University, a public institution of higher education, since October 2014. He was a former vice chancellor of the Mbarara University of Science and Technology, and he was also the founding chairman of the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

Dr. Kayanja is a medalist for the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World. He was awarded the Commendeur de l'Orddre des Pa Imes Academiques of the Republic of France, and is a fellow of the African Academy of Sciences.