The Kletjian Foundation is comprised of a Board, Cabinet, Advisory Council, and Special Consultants


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The Kletjian Foundation Board

A driven trio of individuals dedicated to the mission, vision, and strategies of the foundation.

Carmella R. Kletjian

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Mack L. Cheney

Executive Director & Co-Founder

John D. Freeman

Director of Finance & Co-Founder

The Kletjian Foundation Cabinet

A select group of individuals with representation from each of the hospital/institutions with which the Kletjian Foundation collaborates. The Cabinet members are professionally active in their respective institutions, and meet regularly to update the other members regarding institutional activities, strategy, and points of potential collaboration.


The Kletjian Foundation Advisory Council

Senior thought leaders in global health/surgery, business and social issues. The individual members provide insight and advice regarding Foundation priorities and strategic planning.


The Kletjian Foundation Special Consultants

Individuals from eclectic backgrounds, who render essential advice regarding programmatic development of specific projects that are Foundation priorities.

Dr. Thomas Burke

Dr. Ryan Carroll

Dr. Paul Firth

Dr. Patrick Jean Gilles

Cheryl Kiser

Tina Mirembe

Dr. Roberto Pineda

Conor Shapiro

Dr. Mark Varvares